Batching Station

The aggregate hoppers are used for storing aggregated materials such as sand, granite stone, gravel and etc. The batching has a high precision electronic balance to automatically dose the aggregates that will be transported to the mixer. It also has a control panel in which you can store various recipes of different types of products.

Technical Specifications +

PLC Touch Screen

Rama block machines utilizes PLC with touch screen to control the whole block moulding process such as pressure, speed, conveying, and material feeding. The block machine can be operated in manual/semi-auto/fully-auto operation mode. The PLC is used as an interface for technical parameter set-up, operation and monitoring (fault location, cycle count and troubleshooting).

JS Twin Shaft Mixer

JS twin shaft mixer is used to homogenize raw material – such as cement, water, aggregates and additives – until it forms the most suitable mixture for the production of the blocks. It has a robust twin shaft and an adding water system.

Technical Specifications +

Planetary Mixer

It is a high performance planetary mixer, which can finish a batch of mix in less than 6 mins. The mixing is effected through 2 mixing star with 4 shovels to get a homogenous mix. The star is driven with a planetary gear with 2 motor outside the mixing trough.
As 2 double swinging side doors are installed on each side, workers are able to access the mixer and clean the inner parts easily. Furthermore, high resistance and changeable linings are used at the inner part of the mixer to prolong its life time.
In order to improve the quality of the concrete mixture, a series of pressured water nozzles are installed inside the mixer. Designated amount of water are pressed out and form fine water droplets, then blend with the aggregate cement mixture to have evenly distribution mixture.

Automatic Stacker

The automatic stacker is used to stack the pallets of green blocks to be lifted to the curing area by forklift. Through this automation, manufacturing becomes faster and there are great savings on labor.


Rama Solution sells different mold types of paver, hollow block, solid block, curb, and many others that are customized according to the needs of each client. The differential of Rama molds is their robust structure, which contain a high density of steel, providing an extended service life.

Dosador de Água

Water scale is used to measure the amount of water (up to 200 Kg capacity) to be fed into the mixer. It consist of solenoid valves, water pulse counter, regulation valve, pressure reducing valve and dirt collector.

Technical information: 

Capacity: 200 Kg;
Water weighing tank: 100 Kg±1%;
Water Pump: 2.2 kW;
Weighing sensor: CST-250;
Water filling valve: DN25;
Butterfly valve: Φ80;
Gross weight: 140 Kg.

Cement Silo

Silo to store cement. 

Technical information:
Diameter: 3.100mm;
Height: 11,5 – 12m (can be customized);
Capacity: 50t.

Cement Screw Conveyor

It is responsabible to convey cement from the silo to the mixer.

Technical information:
Length: 6 – 8m.

Face Mix Section (to produce double layer products)

Face Mix Feeder (for adding the face mix material):
Feeder volume: 0.3 m3.

Pan 350 Color Dosing Mixer (to mix the right ratio of face mix):
Loading capacity: 450L;
Output capacity: 350L per batch;
Mixing type: vertical singe shaft.

Bull Pallet System

Through this equipment, the pallets are automatically placed on the conveyor, reducing labor costs.

Automatic Cuber


Cuber collects cured blocks and packs them together by the main and side clamps. Then, the cuber will stack the blocks from the pallets to a packing wooden pallet. The process repeats until the blocks stack on the wooden pallets reach particular layers. The cuber is equipped with high accuracy positioning meter to keep stable and fast movements. It provides variable speed movements by variable frequency inverter and proportional valves. A special shape and material were used as rubber clamping head to prevent concrete blocks falling down during the traveling / clamping process.

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