• Machine designed to meet the mass production of pavers, slabs, kerbstones, breast wall blocks, retaining walls, plantable blocks, architectural blocks, split-faced blocks, interlocking stones, landscape architectural blocks and so on;
  • A compact heavy machine frame of welded sectional steel construction with reinforced base unit to ensure optimum rigidity for extreme loads;
  • Improved fixed synchronized vibration table to effectively transmit maximum vibration to mould box, thus greatly increasing the block quality and extend the mould life;
  • Enhanced mould feeding system with agitators for even and fast material feeding into mould box;
  • Efficient water cooling system to control temperature of hydraulic oil;
  • High-dynamic proportional valves to adjust all main movements;
  • All systems are controlled by PLC-Electronics.

1) Batching station
2) Cement silo
3) Screw conveyor
4) Cement scale
5) Mixer
6) Belt conveyor
7) Pallet conveying system

8) Block machine
9) Face mix section
10) Block conveying system
11) Automatic stacker
12) Forklift
13) Wheel loader

Pallet size:
850 × 680 × 25 mm (Bamboo pallet)
Maximum moulding area:
800 x 600 x 40-200 mm
Moulding cycle:
15 seconds*

Main engine power:
33.2 kW
Standard compression pressure:
12-25 Mpa
* The cycle times various on product produced, PLC configuration and raw material used.

Amount of Finished Products per cycle

21 » Paver 200x100x60mm
08 » Blocks 39x19x14cm
15 » Blocks 19x19x14cm
05 » Blocks 54x19x14cm

Capacity Estimation per hour

76 m²» Paver 200x100x60mm
1309 » Blocks 39x19x14cm
2455 » Blocks 19x19x14cm
818 » Blocks 54x19x14cm



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